So many people love chicken soup and I’ve shared my recipe with many friends. Figured I’d share it for anyone to enjoy...

Chicken in the Pot


1 3-4 lb kosher or organic chicken

1 container of soup greens

2 extra carrots

1 whole onion

3 teaspoons or 3 cubes of organic low salt chicken broth

Cheese Cloth

Kitchen String



Wrap the chicken in cheese cloth and tie with twine.


Place the chicken and whole onion in the large soup pot and cover with water.


Cook on high heat until liquid boils, then lower to medium heat and cover loosely for 1 hour.


After 1 hour, add the soup greens also wrapped in cheese cloth and tie tightly. Place in soup pot for an additional hour.


Peel additional carrots and add to soup for 30 minutes.


Add the extra condensed broth for flavor.


Carefully remove chicken and all vegetables from soup and set aside until cooled.


Remove carrots, set aside and slice when cooled.


Use cooked chicken for the soup (shred and put back in) or use for chicken salad.


Add the carrots back in.


Discard all of the soup greens.


Let refrigerate and some fat will rise overnight and then you can skim it off.

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